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Gautier Elementary School


Welcome to First Grade!

All about me:
My name is Mary Katherine Mattiace. I teach first grade at Gautier Elementary. I  graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. 
Important dates:
  • November 10: 2nd 9 weeks progress reports
  • November 25-27: Thanksgiving Holidays
  • December 18: Christmas break (60% day)
We learn so much in first grade! Here are a few things we will be learning this 9 weeks:
  • short vowels 
  • long vowels 
  • blends 
  • types of sentences  
  • verbs
  • verb tense (past, present, future)
  • informative writing
  • sight words
  • addition 
  • subtraction
  • tens and ones (place value)
  • making a ten to add
  • balancing equations 
It is super important to read each night! Don't forget to practice those sight words too! :) 
Spelling Words (Nov 16-Nov 20):                                      
1. gulp                         6. bulk 
2. kelp                         7. teacher's choice
3. yelp                         8. teacher's choice
4. self                          9. teacher's choice
5. half                        10. teacher's choice 
Sight words:
1. great
2. most
3. very 
Vocabulary words:
1. create- to make something new
2. follow- to walk behind someone
3. helpful- nice and kind to others
4. honest- telling the truth; not telling lies